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call. we'll see you again monday night. make sure you go to good nig here. good night. >> andrea: this is a fox news alert. breaking news. in tonight from washington, we just learned a short while ago that general david petraeus, the director of the c.i.a. resign from his post citing personal reasons. specifically,en extramarital affair. joining us with the details and latest development on the surprising news is "special report" host bret baier. bret? >> c.i.a. director resigned as the nation's top spy saying he had engaged in an extra marital affair and his words showed extremely poor judgment. the story developed late today after words spreading of a hastily scheduled meeting for petraeus at the white house
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thursday. >> does the president have full faith and confidence in president petraeus? >> the president thinks general petraeus has done an excellent job. >> he believes general petraeus did an excellent job. no personnel announcements to make today. >> as the briefing was going on, details started to emerge about the resignation and letter to the c.i.a. personnel released detailing the affair. "yesterday afternoon i went to the white house and asked the president to be allowed for personal reasons to resign from my position at the c.i.a. after being married for over 37 years i showed extremely poor judgment by having extramarital affair, and it's unacceptable as a husband and leader of organization such as ours. this afternoon, the president accepted my resignation.
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after that, the white house put out a statement from the president saying today i accepted his resignation as director of the central intelligence agency. i'm completely confident that the c.i.a. will continue to thrive and carry out the essential mission and the utmost confidence in acting director michael morrell and men and women of the c.i.a. to work every day to keep the nation safe. going forward my thoughts and prayers are withday and holly petraeus who has done so much to help military families through her own work and i wish them best at this difficult time." the resignation comes five days before he was to testify before the house and intelligence committee investigating the murder of ambassador in benghazi and three other. he will not be testifying but lawmakers want to hear from him at some time. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they were stunned by the news today. they did not see it coming. many release statements
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praising petraeus, his years of service to the country. sources close to petraeus say he is adamant about this was his decision, not pressured. it had nothing to do with benghazi and he was looking forward to testifying. the timing of his resignation, raised eyebrows around washington today is. >> andrea: thank you, bret baier will have more in the next hour on "special report." kimberly, i talked to somebody close to david petraeus a couple of hours ago who had spoken with general petraeus. he said he said he was adamant about this had nothing to do with libya, it was a premarital affair. it was his request to step down and there was consternation on the part of the white house about him stepping down. they were not thrilled about this. do we take him at his word, with the timing, days before
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he is scheduled to testify in what some call the most serious issue to hit the c.i.a. in years? >> kimberly: the timing is interesting but nevertheless this is a man who many people admired greatly in this country and in other countries. he has had distinguished service to this country which should be remembered. it's admiral and not surprising a man like this would admit the truth, tell it, apologize to his wife and not try and hide and cover up the affair, which i think was the right thing to do. although i'm not sure how she might feel about that in terms of her personal life being exposed. overall, this is a very sad day. my heart goes out to the family. >> eric: dana? >> dana: when i first heard about it, i cried a little because i have known general petraeus for a long time and hitz wife holly. i'm sad for them. any relationship between two people is intensely personal. but when you are the c.i.a. director and you're the head of top secret clearance in america, this is not "homeland" the show. there are consequences for
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having extramarital affairs. so if you remember the u.s. secret service in columbia when they had that scandal about the prostitution, the big issue wasn't they were paying for sex but did they put the president in a vulnerable position. you would believe they could come up with a plot like this five days before the hearing. it does legitimately raise some eyebrows on the timing. >> eric: greg, my source always said that he was looking forward to testifying. i called the intelligence committee and they said he won't be. they will be sending michael morrell to testify. the chairman of the intelligence committee mike rogers is out of the country. so when he gets back next week i'm told they will talk about procedures. whether it means inviting him again or they do have the option of subpoenaing general petraeus to testify. i personally think, greg, he
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should. >> greg: somebody else wasn't looking forward to him testifying. president is blaming this on richard gere classic film "unfaithful." he blames everything on movies. timing is part of the story. obama is getting used to this. i think if it's a coincidence that happened before the testimony. new orleans happening on december 31 -- new year's eve happening on december 31 a coincidence. will the media sink in the libya story? this will be the story. not four dead. which is bad. i do believe in coincidences. this is a little strange. only in washington with k a guy are a -- can a guy with a
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combover have a scandalous affair. >> bob: i find it mind boggling that a man goes through this with his wife that there would be suspicion whatsoever this is anything do with the hearings. anybody who suggests that? what do you think he did? held back his affair -- >> greg: no. that's not what i'm saying. i think obviously -- look, it's obvious something was happening before the election. as a favor to president obama did not do anything before the election. that is all i'm saying. i'm not saying it's tied to the investigation. i'm saying that he held the story back. not to complicate matters. and he's not testifying. that's all i'm saying. >> kimberly: unfortunate. i would like to hear from him. he has answers. and the american people deseven to know. >> andrea: he was scheduled to testify on thursday. sending replacement. they could subpoena him to testify. there is precedent for
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administrators who left capitol hill before. >> kimberly: man of honor. he should come forward. then and testify. tell the american people what he knows. general and respected. >> bob: thing is, his deputy probably had much more information about what happened in benghazi than the director of the c.i.a. did. head of operations -- >> kimberly: petraeus is nobody's figurehead. >> bob: i'm not suggesting that. i'm suggesting when you head up intelligence agency you have pieces moving. >> greg: can i make a point. i hate these stories. i do. there is not much to say. when something personal happens to somebody i don't think it's fun for anyone. i know if you are a partisan, take pleasure in the other side having a problem.
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a personal thing like this, this is not something you enjoy. it's sad. if you deal in a political battle you want them to lose on politics, not on the personnel -- this is a good man. he has put four decades of his life in apri military services d he saved many lives, cares about the troops. it sucks. >> bob: dana said something important here. the director of the c.i.a., one of the things they ask the intelligence committee hearings and clearances, you did, too. do you have anything in your background be extorted on? in my case there were. i said what they were. that was fine. as long as you were willing to say it. that wasn't a problem. if you had something like this and you are the director of c.i.a. it compromises you a lot. >> andrea: i agree. when someone is going through a personal issue, you want to give them their privacy. someone well respected. the problem is, though, the issue in benghazi.
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you look at this, the daily intelligence briefings that were compiled by the director of the national intelligence, were largely based on information that came from the c.i.a. they played a central role. a lot of people are speculating that the administration threw them under the bus. >> dana: even outside of benghazi there must be dozens of covert operations underway around the world. the most important thing now from a good government per speculative is what he did, which is he said that this is what happened. i'm not just saying i'm leaving to spend time with my family. he said i'm leaving because i betrayed my family. the critical thing for us and the safety is that the c.i.a. has a seamless transition to whoever president obama appoints to be the c.i.a. director. and in that transition time, the c.i.a. has been through a lot in many years. losing a leader like this and somebody like petraeus who absolutely defended them at all costs, that will shake them.
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but they are professionals. i'm sure they have a handle on it. this is scary when you have all the -- [ inaudible ] i think this was the right thing to do. here is what we don't know. who was the affair with? how long did it go on? was it something from the recent past? or from a long time ago? was it something that somebody was holding in their back pocket to use against him politically? it doesn't sound like it from sources you talk to and from his personal statement. president obama announced he will have a press conference next wednesday. who knows what happens between now and then. find out more. >> bob: one of the things we should keep in mind here is that congress will find out evening they need to know from the c.i.a. without david petraeus there. they have a lot of people who were directly online and responsibility on. this there is nothing here that is nefarious. he knew something that nobody else in the c.i.a. knew. >> andrea: i don't want to go down the conspiracy theory, because we don't know enough. but should he testify, i mean, if the source says he was welcoming the chance to
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testify, why is he not testifying? if the affair doesn't have anything to do with benghazi, then why would you wait to testify? i think it looks bad to be subpoenaed to testify. protect the intel committee. >> kimberly: that is what a general would do, someone in his position that is widely respected in the military. if he has information he should come forward and comply with the process. i mean, people want to hear what happened. i think he knows. >> greg: he is an honorable man. we have talk about current pop culture how things like this doesn't matter, oh it's just cheating. but i think, you know, for some people it still does matter. it's still a big deal. >> dana: one of the pieces of the because that was coming together late and we went to air, was that the white house is letting people know that president obama tried to get him to stay and persuade him to work through it. it find that hard to believe because of how i started my comments, which is when you are, if you put yourself in a
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vulnerable position, where something could come back to hurt you or the united states, president of the united states, then that is a problem. i'd be surprised if they didn't just say i think you should go. >> bob: i think we need to emphasize again -- i got you. got to wrap. there is nobody, he does not have information that nobody else in the c.i.a. does. >> dana: if he made the call, though, personally -- >> bob: but if he made it personally i suppose. >> dana: i can't just send my assistant greg out to testify this afternoon. >> bob: the libya story is shifting more than a truck driver with hemorrhoids. every single day something happens. we never know what to expect. doesn't that build a little bit of skepticism? the story keeps changing. what will happen snowstorm >> eric: it's not changing now, but the -- >> andrea: the person we look to hear the troops from after weeks of stonewalling from the rest of the administration isn't going to testify. all right. we got to go. we'll have much to say about this next week. coming up, president obama
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puts the dukes up for the fiscal cliff showdown with congress. we'll have the latest on the bat to avoid fiscal cliff fiasco up next on fy. so don't go away. ♪ ♪
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blogger writes all family and friends who i know to be democrats are hereby dead to me, i vow never to speak to them for rest of my life. they deserve nothing less than hatred and utter contempt. an overreaction, me think, but at least he is not protepidding a group hug will make it better. you can't fight a tough fight and pretend everything you fought for is up for grabs. obama won. but our principles are still our principles. even liberals adopt our principles when they run for office. it's also hard to take the president seriously as mr. heal the world. after all the crud he handed to romney. mitt was smeared as an uncaring young guy pushing granny off the cliff. president should be called on that stuff. but don't worry, they won't. coast to coast, get ready for regulations on everything. permanent welfare state. government control of most
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sectors of the economy, bob. climate hostile to business. fractured society, obsessed with race and gender. no more flyover country. where one big ivy league campus now. and julia, she is class president. i say dig a whole to china but i think they -- dig a hole to china but they're already here. if we give them amnesty do you think they'll vote republican? >> bob: get it on out, boy. >> greg: are you planning on boycotting bob? >> andrea: i'm not in a position sitting next to him where i can. i'm way ahead of dondero. there is a song and i'm months ahead of you. i already started ignoring democrats and not talking to them. i find myself getting angry when i stand in line. it hear people talking about how great obama is with the t-shirts. i find myself mumbling slurs under my breath. you ahh, ugh, ahh.
11:31 pm
i'm not going to cut them off fully, because i know i'm right. in a couple of years i'll want to say things to them like this is all your fault and when a young kid comes to a job, who did you vote for? obama in this is your fault. i'm poor loser. >> bob: i'm going to say don't blame me, i voted for romney. >> greg: you did, didn't you? >> bob: i didn't. only 35% of the 50% were democrats. you are talking about independents and republicans as well. boycotting them? >> andrea: yep. that is my first question. hi, this is my so-and-so. hi, so-and-so, who did you vote for? >> bob: that's welcoming. >> greg: you are a nice person, kimberly, or you pretend to be. we don't spend much time outside the office after the accident. you were married to political -- >> bob: two of them!
11:32 pm
>> greg: just one. maybe the second one was a liberal. [ laughter ] >> bob: i thought so. >> greg: you can't discuss that. you're -- >> kimberly: look, i lived amongst them. it studied them. like jane goodall. >> bob: we study them. >> dana: they love glazed doughnuts. >> greg: she married them. anyway. >> andrea: she also divorceded them for a reason, right? >> kimberly: i hope they're not watching. very nice gentlemen. yes, our politics were different. but i would like to say at least one of them was not so bad when it came to political issues. >> bob: which one. mystery. >> bob: the male species? >> greg: you told me in green room, if you run to a democrat you'll stab them in the face with a pencil.
11:33 pm
'canes is m -- >> dana: that is my style. >> greg: it is. >> dana: when you lose an election so badly and you walk down the street overhearing people next to you talking about how great obama is, you hang your head and keep walking. let them have the moment. >> andrea: secretly flip them the bird. >> bob: on our fox party on election night i couldn't wait to get out. everybody looked for someone to attack. >> greg: let's go around the table one more time on this. would have about it? all right. we'll stop. coming up, president obama's re-election detonated a layoff bomb. some companies announce massive layoffs. sure, why not, bob? anyway, you get no ice cream! ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: three days after the election of president obama, breaking one of the major promises to campaign trail. more jobs. companies across the u.s. announce major layoffs with more on the horizon. one of the main factors the cost of the president signature legislation, obamacare. just when you thought you put that one to rest it comes roaring back. evidence that people are in fact, corporations, large corporations let gog of employees because they cannot manage and maintain the increase cost based on the structure of obamacare. >> andrea: do you remember the bill said if you have 50 employees or less you have to provide them with insurance.
11:39 pm
if you don't, you're whacked with $2,000 penalty per employee. what you see is not just the employees feting fired, you see them not getting hired. people say if there are 49 employees or 48, i know business consultant that came in and told the business don't hire anymore. don't hire those two extra people because there is no advantage. we knew this was going to happen. it's an i told you so. it's an effect of obamacare. it point out things they did, they deafed them until after the election. they cut seep your benefit. medicare advantage is part of the bill as well. they are not getting it because they took $8 billion from the slush fund in obamacare and that they got checks out before election days. the seniors will have the cuts made but it's 2013. people think obamacare is great. wait a couple of months. >> kimberly: maybe obamacare can help you with the crazy look on your face. [ laughter ] >> bob: if you had to lay people off, you probably didn't vote for obama, right? you didn't like him. do that before election day to
11:40 pm
make matters worse. secondly, can i say for the researchers -- can i read you the opening is? it says here obama re-election triggers massive layoffs in america. massive. >> dana: that is a headline. >> bob: "massive" machines hundreds of -- means hundreds of thousands or millions. how many have been really laid off? >> dana: if you are in utah and 204 people announced cut from job, for little town a lot of people. it feels massive. one of the defense were going to put out layoff notices but they didn't because the white house asked them not to. some think was violation of warn act. i feel like the companies were insensitive. however they are facing something, not just that they provide healthcare. the government has to approve the healthcare they provide. many times they figure out how can i do this work and produce this with 49 employees. >> bob: do you see my side
11:41 pm
of this? >> dana: yes, i do. >> bob: why not say it --dai -- >> dana: i think the companies are wimps and they should have done it beforehand. >> kimberly: instead of concealing the true purpose and effect, impact. freddie i don't know why you complain about people losing jobs. obama america, everything is perfect. there is no problem here. if you are unemployed you have welfare and food stamps, subsidized housing, free phone and healthcare, you are better off unemployed than working, isn't that what this is about? >> bob: this is not an exaggeration, is it? >> kimberly: how dare you think it's hyperbole. >> andrea: it will get worse. the administration said you can keep your doctor. this is proof they can't keep the doctor. because if the employers don't
11:42 pm
want to pay for them, they will push them in exchanges. "new york times" is getting in the business -- >> bob: you read the communist rag. don't read it. main stream media. >> andrea: finally you're learning. a final point. you laugh now but who is going to pay for this? who is going to pay for the exchange? >> bob: "new york times." >> andrea: taxpayers. >> greg: dios mio. i am so happy today. you got cheese in green room. so i'm not mad at you. >> bob: i don't want to see it. >> greg: can't love jobs and mock job creators. deciding to tax them at this stage of the game is a bad idea. that is why the economy will, won't improve. unlikely to be successful
11:43 pm
xy -- >> bob: jobs created by people who are not 1%. >> andrea: there is a concern about the quality of healthcare. that is why this is an ongoing debate. they said it best when they tweeted i can't wait to go to a hospital run by the dmv. now that is a scary thought. >> andrea: they also tax middle class americans as well. if you don't have health insurance you pay a penalty. obamacare is filled with taxes on the middle class. >> kimberly: the doctor of your choice might have been let go because of obamacare. >> andrea: true. >> bob: but the 40 million people that don't have insurance, they can still go to the emergency room. >> greg: it still wouldn't be as expense i as obamacare. >> bob: there is substance to that. >> kimberly: are our food choices connected to the politics? interesting facts from the election. bob has them next on "the five." he ate them. ♪ ♪
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>> bob: i love chubby checkers. we have want to lock at interesting information coming out of tuesday's election. the quick political reporter crunching numbers and found a connection between get this -- people who eat at cracker barrel and whole foods. with who they vote for in the election. research indicates obama won 77% of candy with a whole foods in them. on the flip side, he won just 29% of ones with a cracker barrel. this kind of information is absolutely essential to analyze campaign. can i make a point about this? i'll pass it off to you. cracker barrel are in rural areas on the side of highways to see the signs from anywhere they come from. people who go to them things, including me -- i love fried chicken -- i may be the only obama voter in the places. the one i went was suburban area.
11:49 pm
>> greg: you miss the fact that the media skews perception of republicans. i'm very cold. i'm cold. whole foods is the mecca for the soy la tee and tofu burgers and cracker barrel is the opposite. but the right is party of rich and left is party of the poor. >> bob: when is the last time you ate at a cracker barrel? >> greg: ten years ago. but they are pretending the republican rich. >> bob: i have never been to whole foods. >> greg: that's what i said. >> bob: trying to figure it out if it's straitjacket or you're cold. >> andrea: you're not that healthy of a heater. not surprising. >> kimberly: i like crager barrel. >> bob: are whole foods in neighborhoods where people with more money and sell more of the tofu? >> dana: i see where he is going with the analysis. comparing apples and oranges.
11:50 pm
>> greg: arugula. dane cracker barrel -- this is a different business model. bob, they should take the analysis a step further. whites who identify themselves as lower to middle class. who didn't vote at all or voted for obama. >> bob: whites voted for romney except for ohio and wisconsin because of the bail-out. when the last time you were at a cracker barrel? >> kimberly: i like cracker barrel. i love fried chick but i have also been to whole foods and they give free sam iss that are tasty and delicious. they don't limit it to one or two. there are tons of whole foods. new york, california. add up the states, it goes democrat. this is not a surprise. >> bob: finish my question. when is the last time you were at a cracker barrel?
11:51 pm
>> andrea: couple of years. >> bob: you used to there. >> andrea: i didn't. >> bob: your father's restaurant. >> andrea: this is what i find interesting the same study says if your favorite soda is diet dr. pepper you also voted for romney. are they the ones that order mc 'n' cheese and then the diet soda? >> kimberly: eric bolling has the dr. pepper. >> andrea: but the people that gorge at cracker barrel. >> bob: r.c. cola and moon pie. >> andrea: don't get on that. >> bob: why? >> andrea: eight of the ten wealthiest counties that obama won. >> bob: one of them was manhattan. greenwich. that's where the liberals are. >> kimberly: hollywood. >> greg: that is back to my point. media creates stereotype that is a rich republican. but the rich, rich liberals from faculty lounge.
11:52 pm
you lived in one. get out, now. i live in hell's kitchen. slightly different. >> bob: i live there, too. upper scale. we only have 30 seconds left. can we find out if everybody is all right back there? okay. good. one more thing. up next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if it wasn't for a little thing called the computer, we might still be making mix tapes. find this. pause this. play this. eject this. write this. it's like the days before esurance express lane™. you had to find a bunch of documents just to get a car insurance quote. now express lane finds your driving info with just one click, saving time to be nostalgic about the days before express lane. thank you, insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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>> andrea: time for one more thing. >> dana: this is the moment that greg has been waiting for all week. my husband and i are moving from where we are now to another neighborhood. where we have been in a building near greg they have a dog walking business called dog city. this is jasper. they gave him a going-away party today. they helped us raise jasper. she can make dogs do anything. she has a voice i'd sit down, too, if i were one of thing tos. >> bob: so did my ex-wife. >> kimberly: to my house and figure things out. >> greg: i heard the dogs were not fan of your dogs on doggie blog. >> dana: they are friends on facebook. >> greg: they talk about your dog all the time. suck-up. wonder where the dog learned that.
11:57 pm
five days until this comes out. preorder it. shut up, bob. you'd do the same thing. put it up on the rankings. join me, greg gutfeld. get it. >> bob: very good book. i suggest everybody buy it. really. >> kimberly: i started it. >> bob: kimberly can read. >> kimberly: yeah, what really bothers me is you knew my home address and it came to my house. >> bob: he rents the place across the street from you. >> kimberly: he rents the tree. >> andrea: he rents the fire escape. >> andrea: my turn. last night, i had the privilege of aanding and honor of attending the bob woodruff foundation stand up for heros in new york city. and i think one of the best moments was check out the video. ronaler waters from pink floyd with a group of veterans and wounded service men, and they decided to play their take of pink floyd.
11:58 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> andrea: the veterans are taught music through music corps. wonderful. we have photos, bruce springstein was there. he did a duet with his wife as well. great. who else? let's see. that's ronaler waters. that is ricky gervais. jon stewart there. parent company news corps sponsor of the event do it every year. one of the pointiant things a veteran said if you can't serve or you don't seven, serve those who do. >> bob: very nice. >> kimberly: very nice. >> bob: everybody should know everybody around the table except for me is freezing. idaho scientists that everybody thinks is crazy but still looking for big foot.
11:59 pm
big foot is important to me because he's a relative of mine. fellow scholars are jumping over this but this guy decided to go in a glitch and float it over the mountains to search for the mythic ape like figure. if you find him tell him that uncle joe, good have you back. >> dana: what is his position on climate change? >> bob: terrible. manmade. >> dana: all we needed to know. >> andrea: not even related to big mouth. >> bob: big lips. >> kimberly: now you hurt my feelings. fabulous. on a serious note on friday evening, we want to remember everybody who has suffered from the hurricane. superstorm. sandy. so many people out of power, people's homes, complete devastation, hay reopened tunnels and service but people were impacted that they downgraded to a super storm in terms of the damage.
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